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Label Gurus designs deals with creative product label design and through creative concepts.This company has been able to draw potential customer attention. The unique and well thought label design help to build Brand Identity which Is important to the customer. Our company not only design Labels but also advise on how certain Label will be printed. Professional Label Printing allows client brand to stand out in the market despite huge competition in the market. Gurus Label designs print up to 8 Colors depending on client label Design. We are not limited to a specific category when it comes to bottle sticker designs… We design all types of stickers/labels in Kenya

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Label design gurus prioritize on professionalism when it comes to product Label design, the client may have a useful product but without creative label design he or she may not be able to sell in the competitive market, Hence at Label Gurus  focus mostly on creating an outstanding products labels that help Your product stands out in the market  Our services


To design a professional brand that connects the client hence easing design processes and making it more enjoyable.


To design a project that meet the need of the client as per the budget established by the client.


To design an outstanding design that allows the client brand to stand in the market.

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