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You might want to sell your honey as a beekeeper. You might also want to think about the branding you’ll use ahead of time. Selling your honey can be a nice little extra source of income on top of your regular income. After all, a hundred or more bottles of honey may be enough to feed your entire family! There is much impact when you sell your honey with beautifully designed honey bottle label.

Making a gorgeous label for your honey

An attractive honey bottle label can improve the appearance and marketability of your honey significantly. It also contains crucial information about the honey’s type and who packages it. Your beekeeping supplier can provide generic labels. Alternatively, you can create your own custom honey bottle label.

If you plan to sell your honey, you’ll need to include a few key pieces of information on your honey bottle label.

  • Describe the contents of the container: Honey.
  • Include your full name and mailing address (as the producer).
  • Use a dual weight declaration to report the net weight on the lower 20% of the label, for example, Net Weight 16 OZ (1 lb). It is required by federal law.

In addition to these requirements, you should:

  • Include information about the type of honey in the package (for example, Wildflower) as well as some marketing hype about the product’s purity and wholesomeness.
  • Include information on the nutritional value of the product (not usually required by law).

Locating markets for your honey

Your honey could be sold at an independently owned food market in your neighborhood. Honey is a pure and natural food that does not require a license to package and sell, so there are no legal issues to deal with. Here are some more suggestions:

  • Consider going to a health food store. They’re always on the lookout for local honey that’s fresh.
  • Local honey can be sold in gift shops, craft shops, and boutiques.
  • Put a nice sign in front of your house that says, “HONEY FOR SALE.” (Warn your spouse that you don’t mean what you’re saying.)
  • At the local farmers market, you can sell your honey.
  • Church fairs, synagogue bazaars, and gardening centers are all good places to look.
  • And please¬†give a bottle to each of your immediate neighbors. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s also a great public relations move.

Selling Honey on the Internet

  • This is the generation of the internet. So, why not create a simple website and sell your honey all over the world? Alternatively, you could use eBay. Remember that plastic honey jars are less fragile and lighter to ship than glass honey jars.

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