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How to Start a Water Business in Kenya

Launching a business in Kenya is an exciting experience, but it’s only rewarding if you go about it the proper way. It’s crucial to eliminate the guesswork and create a successful venture that caters to customers’ needs and puts money in your pocket. Fortunately, there are several business ideas for Kenyans to earn you a good income, and they aren’t complicated to establish. One of the most profitable businesses in 2024 is a water business. Curious how to start a water business in Kenya? Walk with us step by step, from how to find the best water label designers in Kenya to launching one of the top business ideas in Kenya. 


Water Business

11 Steps for Starting a Water Business in Kenya

Congratulations on deciding to start a water business! Deciding on a business idea is the first step. Most people ask, “what do I need to do to ensure my business kicks off well?” If that’s the case, Label Gurus has you covered. Our method will get you into the water business market and make your brand a household name in no time.

Step 1: Study the market 

The first answer for how to start a water business in Kenya is doing market analysis. All fast-growing and profitable businesses in 2024 have competition. Studying the market helps you see:

  • What other companies are doing
  • What customers want
  • How to offer unique products to your target market

Step 2: Choose a great brand name 

Have a unique name ready when looking for business ideas for Kenyans. Memorable, clear, and good-sounding brand names attract attention. Adaptability is also important as the name must fit into the logo, tagline, and company slogan to improve brand consistency. This makes it easier for water label designers in Kenya to deliver accordingly. 

Step 3: Register the name after doing a search 

Visit the eCitizen portal to access these services. On the portal, you’ll see if the name you’ve chosen is currently in use and follow the business name registration steps. 

Step 4: Set up a location

Find a warehouse or shop to set up the water business. Location depends on the budget, business size, proximity to customers, and compliance with local laws.   

Step 5: Buy machines 

Importing from China or buying locally-made machines from Nairobi are great options. It depends on your budget and the types of machines you need to start this fast-growing business in 2024. 

Step 6: Approach a graphic designer 

Remember, you don’t have a logo or personalized water bottle label yet. Here’s where Label Gurus comes in as the best water label designers in Kenya. We bring you closer to figuring out how to start a water business in Kenya by:


  • Designing your brand logo 
  • Designing the water label (3 options to choose from)
  • Refining the design 


We need details to design water labels in Kenya: water description, contacts, address, and water composition. 


At this point, we write the water composition as null, to allow you to proceed to the next step. 

Step 7: Print the sample water label

Once you print the personalized water label, go to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to get approval. A KEBS official will book an appointment to come to your plant, test the water, and give approval if you meet all the requirements. 


The water test results take between 2 weeks to a month after which you receive a KEBS certificate with accurate water composition results and a unique KEBS number. 

Step 8: Pay a second visit to Label Gurus 

Initially, we left the water composition details empty to allow KEBS to do the official test. When you visit Label Gurus, the best water label designers in Kenya again, you’ll provide the certificate with the relevant details, including a KEBS sticker, allowing us to update the water label design

Step 9: Final water label printing 

It’s official! Now you know how to start a water label business in Kenya. You’re now one step away from launching one of the best business ideas in Kenya. Here, we give you a quotation and shake hands to seal the deal. 

Step 10: Source water bottles 

Where do you source water bottles? Kenya has many companies with various water bottle designs and sizes. Visit the top water bottle manufacturers to choose the best bottles for your water business. 

Step 11: Comply with KRA requirements 

All water bottles must have a KRA sticker, according to Kenyan law. So, ensure you comply with the Kenya Revenue Authority’s laws to avoid tax compliance issues, common for many business ideas for Kenyans

Label Gurus: What we do and why we are important in your water label business journey

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Water business startups need a logo and personalized water labels to make the product complete. At Label Gurus, we not only design but also advise on the color. The fewer the colors the better for you, and we can explain why during the consultation.


Label Gurus, the best water label designers in Kenya also informs about the types of water label materials to use including:


  1. Self-adhesive material – PP white 
  2. Shrink sleeve labels 
  3. BOPP (only has gluing on the edges) 


Can we relabel bottled water? Yes, visit us to discuss this with our team of water label designers. We aim to deliver the best water labels in Kenya for anyone interested in how to start a water label business in Kenya. 

Ready to Begin?

We’ve taken you through the process of starting one of the most profitable businesses in 2024. Now, the task is yours to follow all these steps to the letter! Consult Label Gurus for the best logo and water label designs, a critical step in starting water business ideas in Kenya


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