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Water Label Ideas

When commissioning a designer to create a label for your water, you will expect something that attracts consumers and make them want to buy your water. This is why it is important to hire a professional who has a good experience in the label industry to handle your water label design. Although you are going [...]

Printing Material for Your Water Labels

There are some challenging factors associated with various drinking water labels but the most challenging factor is quality of the material used in label printing. Some of the things that you must put into consideration before selecting suitable printing material for your water labels include condensation, bottle water handling, friction as well as adhesion. It [...]
water labels with logo that stand out

Things Worth Knowing Before Buying Water Labels

Customized water labels are a great way of communicating about your water business as well as the mineral content in your water. In case you have an event like wedding or graduation, it is economical to buy customized water bottle stickers, empty bottles and then get your water filled in instead of buying the bottled [...]
water labels

Golden Tips for Successful Water Labels

Colors are used to distinguish various variations within a category of a certain product and this has been applied in the most successive water labels Kenya. It is evident that in many instances shoppers don’t remember the name or even the number of your water label, but high chances are that they will remember what […]

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