Food Products Labels

Food products labels or stickers are a basic tool used by consumers when choosing food in stores. The information on the packaging label/sticker should be understandable, good quality printing, and must not be covered or interrupted by any text or pictorial representation which can prevent accurate information on product ingredients. Label Guru Design lists the name of the food as the first checklist in a food label which must comply with the industry standards.

The names of the food products labels are actually a legally defined label item, which is different than the name brand of the product. This statement of identity should be printed prominently and be unobstructed by the artwork of the label. The food expiration date is the date at which food retains its characteristic properties when properly stored and Label Guru Design ensures all these protocols have been observed.

This should not be confused with the sell by date, which informs buyers when a product should be off the shelf by but still can be safely stored and consumed at home. In cases where food requires special conditions of storage, Label Guru Design ensures that these conditions should be indicated on the label/sticker design. Some foods need to be refrigerated after opening in order to maintain their safety for consumption.

Label Guru Design Make all special conditions clear and obvious on the product’s sticker design to avoid any chance of miscommunication. Product ingredients are ranked according to the quantities they contain. The first three ingredients usually make up most of what is in the product. Some ingredients have very technical sounding names that can be daunting to consumers.

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