We are the leading Nairobi Sticker Printing company due to our art in making your products, services, and company standout from the rest! There are various materials used when it come to label printing in Nairobi.

Polypropylene Film (White, Silver) (PP)

Widely used in Nairobi sticker printing sector for frozen food and beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, luxury articles and promotional labeling, that requiring durability with resistance to moisture, prevents spillage and functional squeezability. It is ideal for applications on non-uniform surfaces or highly squeezable applications.

Shrink Sleeve Material

The decision on what type of labeling material to use for printing your product can be tough. It is important to look at all options available and pick the substrate that not only fits your budget, but also your product. Shrink sleeve can be a worth-while investment for a label printing choice as brand competition only continues to grow.The added benefit of choosing shrink sleeve is the 360° designable area of the package. This means more design room to catch a potential purchaser’s attention.

Semi-Gloss Paper

A semi gloss paper  for printing balances the desire to print vibrantly colored photos with the need to produce photographic prints that reflect less glare, attract less dust, and show fewer fingerprints. Semi gloss photo paper is a great choice for colorful photo prints that will be frequently handled. The surface of semi gloss photo paper has a noticeable sheen but the prints don’t show as much dust or fingerprints as a glossy photo paper. This material is favorite to quite afew customers in Nairobi label printing industry.

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