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Stickers have a myriad of uses from product identification and barcodes to artistic interior and exterior designs. They are the perfect way to communicate a brand’s message visually. That’s why sticker printing in Kenya has become a popular service. Brands looking to spruce up their image are investing in label designers in Kenya to get vibrant, adhesive label printing in Kenya. Vinyl stickers are also readily available at Label Gurus and we give priority to your unique preferences. Contact us for the most affordable sticker prices in Kenya for vinyl and adhesive label stickers!

Looking for a Company for Sticker Printing in Kenya?

We design and Print

We are the best label designers in Kenya, allowing our clients to design the labels themselves so they can add a personal special touch! At Label Gurus, we offer more than enough types of stickers for Kenyan, Ugandan, and Tanzanian brands. 

Types of popular label stickers found at Label Gurus 

Once you decide you need bottle stickers or packaging label stickers, we provide you with our catalogue of sticker designs. They include:

  • Embossed stickers 

These stickers stand out because of their raised design. They create a visually pleasant and tactile appeal, which brings designs to life through the 3D effect.

  • Vinyl stickers  

These labels have unique applications and are durable thanks to the PVC (white vinyl) used to make them. You can stick these custom printed vinyl sticker labels on car windows, storefronts, outdoor signage, and premium display stands in schools and workspaces. 

  • Die-cut labels 

Stickers don’t have to be boring. We can cut them artistically based on the design outline. The result is a clean, fine cut designed label, perfect for many uses. 

    Vinly ,Clear, Embossed,Thermol ,Barcode stickers

    Thermal stickers 

Adhesive label printing in Kenya is a great breakthrough for modern businesses. Through thermal stickers, our clients get a fusion of practicality and technology. We provide thermal and direct thermal transfers, perfect for address labels on packages, care instructions on apparel, and luggage tags. 

  • Barcode stickers  

Try our sticker printing in Kenya today, especially if you sell products. Barcode labels come in various shapes (square, circular/round, rectangular). The width and height also matches your specifications to ensure the retail product looks amazing. 

  • Security stickers 

Label Gurus sticker prices in Kenya remain the best despite our wide range of sticker labels. Our security stickers are a best-selling product as they protect the authenticity of products and stop tampering before products get to the end user. 

  • Wall sticker labels 

Adhesive label stickers are also available for walls, perfect for decoration and communication. These stickers can be as elaborate or minimalist as you wish, depending on where you plan on sticking them. 

  • Floor stickers 

Ever seen stickers on the floor in a hospital, school or shop? 


These sticker labels are efficient for navigation and communication. We use high-quality vinyl for applications in areas with high foot traffic. Expect two to four years of service with these sticker labels in Kenya. 

  • Clear stickers 

Every business wants a unique label design to make their product design. You can do this comfortably with clear stickers. They’re perfect branding designs for products and indoor and outdoor use. 


Other unique sticker types in Kenya are:


  • Bumper stickers
  • Holographic labels
  • Foil stickers 
  • Glow in the dark labels
  • Name badges 
  • Removable & permanent stickers 
  • Kawaii labels 

Sticker Printing in Kenya: Materials We Use

Once you tell us your budget, we give you appropriate sticker prices in Kenya. These prices vary, depending on the sticker material you settle on. Our popular choices are:


  • Clear/transparent label stickers
  • Ordinary white adhesive label stickers (tictac labels) 
  • Laminated stickers (with UV coating)


So, if you’re looking for custom-printed banners or signages, we got you covered. We’re the best branding sticker makers in Nairobi focusing on label printing for all business types. 

Need to Order? We’re the Best Sticker Printing in Kenya!

Label ideas at Label Gurus are sure to distinguish you from competitors. We are the best label maker and sticker printing in Kenya. Our top services are adhesive label printing in Kenya with a focus on the most affordable sticker prices in Kenya. Call us today for the country’s best adhesive label stickers and vinyl stickers in the region!


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