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Water is a basic commodity right? However, packaging it the right way adds value, attracting more and more people to spend money on it. That’s why we have several water packaging companies in Kenya. Water labelling in Kenya takes branding to the next level. It showcases the brand name, logo, and important details about the product.Above that, there are 5 trending water packaging designs in Kenya 2024. These designs are perfect for different occasions and can be adapted to your business regardless of its nature. Wondering where to get label design? Label Gurus has Kenya’s best water label designers for water packaging in Kenya and Nairobi.

5 Trending Water Packaging Designs in Kenya 2024

Don’t be left out! Stay trendy and updated with these bottle designs for water packaging in 2024:

  1. Round bottles,Clear bottles,Special shape bottles Premium water bottles Normal/spiral bottles

    Round Bottles

These are the most common packaging, allowing water label designers to create label designs that go around the bottle. They are simple to allow the label shine. 

  1. Special Shape Bottles 

Some people prefer less traditional bottle shapes. In this case, you can get special shaped bottles with more modern and unique  ways to place water labels. 

  1. Glass Bottles 

Water labelling in Kenya looks amazing on glass bottles. This option provides a more classy and clean look, perfect for special occasions. The risks of environmental pollution are also significantly lower, since glass bottles are highly recyclable.  

  1. Spiral/Normal Bottles 

Label Gurus is where to get water  label design. We know how to work with normal or spiral bottles, placing the labels appropriately to spice up the typical bottle designs. 

  1. Premium Water Bottles 

These bottles are the creme de la creme of water bottles in Kenya. Some would call these bottles the best of the 5 trending water packaging designs in Kenya 2024. Special functions call for top tier water packaging, and this is where we recommend premium water bottles. 


Label Gurus advices on the best water bottle design before passing on the baton to our water label designers. The aim is to create a final product that speaks volumes about your brand. 

Take Advantage of Our Custom Labels 

Different Events with their custom water label

Water labelling in Kenya at Label Gurus includes customized labelling for all your special occasions. Picture having a special event where bottles are plain and boring. This would be a big flop!


Always ensure your water bottles are labelled correctly because it says a lot about your organizational skills thus increasing brand credibility. Here’s where custom labels are applicable:


Your wedding should be a memorable occasion and every aspect of it matters. Although guests will remember your wedding dress the most, tiny elements like the water label design carry much weight. 


Also, getting a customized label allows our water label designers to add a personal touch to the bottles. You can include the married couple’s names and photos to make them stand out. 

Club and Hotel Water Bottles

Water labelling in Kenya is a subtle form of advertising. When your customers walk out with these bottles, there are increased chances new people will see and pay you a visit. On top of that, labelling your water bottles makes you look more professional. Customers love associating themselves with establishments that add an extra touch to their products and services. 

Tour Company Bottles 

Drinking cold water from a customized water bottle is the perfect twist to a hot day in the Maasai Mara. Water packaging in Kenya and Nairobi applies to tour companies (and many more) by making the logo and company information well known to tourists. Your guests think of your company with every sip! 

Event Water 

Before a grand event, you must look for where to get water label design. Concerts, graduations, birthdays, charity events and political gatherings are the best type of event to incorporate our water bottles. As mentioned above, customized water bottles show how organized an event is, making you the talk of the town. 

Funeral Water 

While planning the perfect send off, you must think of water labelling in Kenya. Customized water bottles create a feeling of oneness throughout the mourning period and actual funeral. We can design the labels with:


  • Directions to the burial site
  • A send off message 
  • Complimentary message for attendance 
  • Graphics of your choice 


Now that we know what situations demand for the 5 trending water packaging designs in Kenya 2024, let’s dive into the types of labelling available at Label Gurus. 

Types of Labelling for Water Packaging in Kenya and Nairobi

Welcome to the home of variety! Label Gurus offers you multiple choices to choose from, including:

  • BOPP

This type of water labelling is a good choice because the label comes together at one point. Meaning the label lies freely on the bottle. 

  • Shrink Sleeve 

This form of labelling requires the use of heat technology to make the label look shrunk on the bottle. It’s good labelling because the label doesn’t shift and looks great! 

  • Self Adhesive 

Looking for a simpler label for your water bottles? Self adhesive labels are best. These labels are peel-off and stick right on the bottle. 

  • Clear Water Labels 

Water label designers settle on clear water labels for a cleaner, classier finish. We recommend placing these water labels on premium, glass, and special event bottles because it looks more executive.  

Ready to Label? Call Us Today!

Water labelling in Kenya is a great way to promote your event and look organized. Contact Label Gurus and take advantage of the 5 trending water packaging designs in Kenya 2024. Try us today for the best water label designers for water packaging in Kenya and Nairobi! 




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