Have you ever reached into the cupboard for a bottle of honey and ended up smearing the honey on your hands as well as onto the honey bottle labels?  As a result, you decide to wash off the jar and label, only to find the paper label falls apart under the water. Label gurus will assist you to have modern honey labels that do not soak when they come into contact with water.This makes it impossible to identify the honey as the label is destroyed by water.

We have the best honey label designers who will advise you on the best printing materials to use for your honey labels. Many honey label online designers will design the honey label and leave you to proceed on your own for printing. Label Gurus will not only design for you but also advise you on printing materials to use for your honey. It is the main reason why many people recognize us as the best honey label designers to work with. We are the  company that will design for you the best creative custom honey labels Kenya.

When designing honey bottle labels, it is essential to put in mind that modern honey labels must be very creative due to hign competition in the honey market. The best custom honey labels Kenya do not soak when they come into contact with water.Whether washing the actual container or simply washing honey residue off your hands and then touching the label, the label should not soak.  Most honey label online designers have limited knowledge on printing material and they will even let you use standard paper gloss or mattematerials which don’t deal well with water.

Such labels will curl and tear, and at worst, fall apart and come off the package.  This may not seem like a big deal, but consumers remember products based on their label, and if the label falls off, they may not remember the brand when they go back to the store.  Seeing the honey jar’s label over and over again ingrains the product into the mind of the consumer.

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