Pharmaceutical Products Label Design and Printing

Most of the time, Label Guru Design foregoes large images of the product for pharmaceutical labelling. Instead, Label Guru Design often chooses to focus on providing a brightly coloured logo or background to make customer sticker labels stand out from their competitors. Usually, this is because they have a lot of text that needs to be fit into the primary display panel, and all of it needs to be readable. When we are planning for customer sticker designs, Label Guru Design make sure we are considering the size of text and the font and how it will look over the preferred background.

Then our sticker designers move around to the side information panels and ensure the label has plenty of space for all the fine details.  More than likely a pharmaceutical products label needs to act as both a marketing opportunity and an informational resource. In order to accomplish both goals effectively, Label Guru Design plans well ahead for the information that our custom products are going to convey and how our customers want it to look like.

If we know that the product will be sold across multiple markets with different languages, planning ahead for translations to be made is imperative. The Label Guru Design will also need to set aside extra label space for those translations to be printed. Since pharmaceutical products label is subject to so much scrutiny from federal regulators, we enlighten our customers on the legal standards for type and packaging. This may include the requirement to include specific warnings about your product, or net quantity information. You will need to submit your labels and product for approval before it goes to market, and mistakes can be a costly setback. Paying close attention to the details and double-checking the standards before you submit will save our customer time and money.

The KFDA publishes a significant amount of information each year for pharmaceutical products label companies concerning proper labelling and marketing techniques. This information will be vital to our sticker designers as they begin planning the layout and information for customer labels. Label Guru Design Brings on board a team of experienced translators and label creators and this will also help keep our customer brand on the right path all the way through the packaging process.

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