Most water brand use water labels that have either solid background colors or that have various images of water sources. Having clear water labels instead of these solid color backgrounds can be a great way of being unique. Clear water label designs looks impressive both on glass bottle as well as on plastic bottle. With clear water labels most of the water in the bottle is exposed and one can see how clear your water is and at the same time it can trigger one to be thirstier hence making a purchase. Coming up with an outstanding design for clear labels is were professionalism meets experience. Designers who have worked in printing industry in the past are the perfect people you can choose to work on your clear water labels since they have a great understanding on the final printing process. Not every designer can help you achieve a great, successful and a unique clear water label since you need some printing background to understand how the final printing process will be achieved. Label Gurus Designs has worked on various clear water labels in the past and our designers have a great mastery in product labels. We have worked on various clear water labels for distinct brands and the labels come out successful and exactly the way the clients had visualized them.

Getting in the water market with clear water labels can make you gain a competitive advantage since the market is not yet flooded with clear water labels as in the case of using a blue water theme. Therefore, opting for such a design will make your water brand to stand out from the rest of the crowd and your target audience can easily identify your brand at first glance. For clear labels various shapes may apply depending on the shape of your water bottle. We have various shapes of clear labels ie rectangular, circular square as well as special shapes.

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