Tea Logo Design

If you are getting into tea business, having a great tea logo design can be a huge advantage to your brand. Hiring a professional designer to create an outstanding tea logo design is very crucial since the logo will be representing your brand. The logo can also play a big role in determining how your tea package will be looking like. A good tea logo design can also influence your package design. The logo can also be manipulated in various ways to fit different marketing tools. Label Gurus is your best design agency for tea logo design in Kenya and we do both logo design as well as package design.

When you hire Label Gurus to work on your tea logos, we first request yorup to explain to us the values and inspiration behind your brand. We then incorporate the message in your brand when coming up with the tea logo design. Our logos for tea brands are outstanding and we add a touch of professionalism when creating the logo. Our design agency is your one stop shop for all your design and printing issues in Kenya. We have a great reputation in all the design projects we have handled in our years of operation. We guarantee you an outstanding tea logo design if you hire our services.

One of the basic design principles that we employ when designing your logo is a simple and memorable tea logo. When your logo is simple and memorable your target audience will link the logo to your brand whenever they come across it. The right choice of color also matters since there are colors that work best in a brand that is in a specific industry. For example products that are from the farm work best with a green color scheme since it represents vegetation. On the other hand, a brand that deals with energy giving item or sport works best with an orange theme since orange represents energy.

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