Reg Joe Water Labelling Project

When starting a water business one of the things you must put into consideration is how you will do your water labelling.  This is a process that you must pay attention and know who you will hire to design your water labels. There are many water brands in Kenya right now therefore your water labelling can make your brand stand out from the rest.  For the Reg Joe water labelling design, we ensured that the label is bright enough so that you can notice the brand from the shelf.

Our designers made sure that the images used in this water labelling project were sharp enough for clarity. We also maintained a great water theme blue since we all know that the sky is blue where the rain comes from. In this water label mountains are included to show indicate that the water comes from natural springs. It is always right to include information that perfectly describes your water in the process of designing stickers for water labelling. Every element in this water labelling sticker is perfectly arranged in a professional way. Each of the elements has a meaning which indicate the nature of the water inside. When you are getting into water business this step of having your stickers designed cannot be omitted as it is required by the law.

Label Gurus presented this project exactly as per the client’s description. We always strive to make sure our clients have outstanding stickers for their water labelling procedures. Our designers also make that your water label has originality and is has great level of creativity.  We took three days to deliver the first draft from where we fine-tuned the design until the client was comfortable to print the label. We also advised the owner of the brand on the right material to use of the water as part of our customer care services. This was the client’s remarks “I can’t thank you enough LGD you guided me all through until everything was a success.” We pride positive remarks from our clients.

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