Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Add a personal touch to your occasion with Label Gurus Designs, the best design firm in wedding water bottle labels. Our quality and good work ethics is tested and proven. We have but budget-friendly favor ideas. A wedding is the most romantic occasion because it brings two committed souls together in their love. You can show others how passionate you are about your love with personalized wedding water bottle labels. At your wedding reception, these unique wedding water labels can be displayed on each table. Your guests will be blown away by how wonderfully your glossy, self-adhesive wedding labels reflect your affection.

Personalized Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Fresh, thirst-quenching water will be provided to all of your wedding guests with personalized wedding water bottle labels created with your unique theme and design. Creating custom water bottle labels is a breeze when you choose from our gallery of water bottle label designs. Choose a Style Although wedding water bottle labels may seem trivial, they are an important part of any wedding theme. Consider a table with a large number of wedding water bottles on it. They can either draw attention to themselves or blend nicely with the rest of the table-scape. Of course, you prefer the second option, which is why we provide such a diverse range of decorative label designs.

Despite the fact that these wedding labels are only one color, they look excellent. Personalize Your wedding labels If you’re concerned about the language on your wedding water bottle labels, don’t be. The vast majority of people are grateful for water, and any words you use are excellent. To make it more personal, write the bride and groom’s names on the first line and the wedding date on the second. Use the first line for a sweet or meaningful phrase and the second line for names. Everything is in working order. What You Should Know About wedding water labels, you can make your own wedding water bottle labels in multiples of 10. Your wedding water labels are professionally printed on self-adhesive paper and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Please keep in mind that while these wedding water bottle labels may tolerate some ice exposure, they may fall off bottles that are soaked in water. Furthermore, you are simply ordering wedding water labels and not water bottles.

Custom Wedding Water Labels Requirements

Custom Wedding Water Bottle Labels Dimensions

Custom wedding water bottle labels will fit on a variety of commonly available water bottles from your local grocery shop or bargain club. Our wedding water bottle labels are 2 inches by 8 inches, although they may not entirely cover the current label in some circumstances. Most original labels are composed of paper and just have a little strip of glue at the seam, so removing them isn’t an issue. Take a look at our how to remove wine labels tutorial for more detailed instructions on some of the more difficult ones. Even better, our wedding water labels will fit a variety of water bottle sizes, including the very popular 8 oz. size, which is also readily available!

Look through our collection for a design that closely resembles your wedding theme. Classic, vintage, earthy, fun, modern, and chic are some of the label’s styles. Select a color, many of our wedding water bottle labels are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the hues that best match your wedding theme for attractive wedding labels. To see all available options, simply select the color section drop-down menu. For ease of use, color options are displayed both visually and numerically. To see how a label design looks in a specific color, click on it. Before making a final decision, experiment with as many hues as you want. You’ll note that some wedding labels don’t offer color selections as you browse.

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