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Why Redesign Your Logo?

Why Redesign Your Logo?                                                                                                     Having a [...]
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Where Do You Get KEBS Labels?

Are you wondering where you can get KEBS labels? This article is for you if you are in this situation. I am going to show you how you can get KEBS label for your products. From the license process to the point you print KEBS labels We are going to see all the procedures that [...]

The Process of Getting KEBS Stickers

This post will explain the process for applying for a KEBS standardization mark permit in Kenya as well as the conditions that need to be satisfied in order for the application to be approved. For goods produced domestically for export into the East African Community (EAC) and for domestic consumption, a KEBS Standardization Mark is required. [...]
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Best Bread Bags In Kenya

What to consider when Designing Bread Paper Bags When creating designs for bread paper bags, there are a few things we could keep in mind to create eye-catching and visually appealing designs. Here are some suggestions: Make sure the design on the bread paper bags  reflects the brand’s entire identity, which should include its values, […]

bread bags

Best Bread Bags In Kenya

Where to get Quality Bread Bags Have you considered starting a bread business? How are you going to find the top Kenyan designers for bread bags? Which Nairobi-based businesses print bread bags the recommended? Which Nairobi-based businesses are the most sought-after for creating bread bag? You can find all of these answers at Label Gurus. […]

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